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Chloé Detry
Mar 21, 2024
In Share Your Memory
My boyfriend was always an immense admirer of Frans de Waal’s works. When he was about to turn 25, I took a chance and sent an Email to Mr. de Waal asking him if he could wish my boyfriend a happy birthday. I wasn’t expecting him to read it, even less for him to answer it. To my surprise, and greatest pleasure, he not only answered but went above and beyond. He crafted a thoughtful and kind birthday wish, and sent it to my boyfriend personally. The joy on his face when he read the email will always be a memory I treasure dearly, and it is all thanks to Frans de Waal’s kindness. I would like to offer my most sincere condolences to his loved ones, and wish him to rest in peace.

Chloé Detry

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